Spare Your Family the Burden of Searching for Information in Case of an Emergency
Ensure Important Documents, Online Information, and Personal Wishes Are Available to Loved Ones ...
 So They Know Where Everything Is Without the Challenge of Looking for it.

We Will Organize, Scan then Upload your Important Documents, Setup You Estate Plan & Funeral Plan in Encrypted Vaults for Loved Ones to Access Anywhere Anytime!


We will send you a FedEx envelope with two-way delivery and tracking to ensure your documents are tracked and safe. An IronClad Family coach will scan and upload your documents into your new encrypted digital vaults. They will work with you to assign recipients of your information. Then, your documents will be returned in a fireproof waterproof pouch for protection at home. 

Customized For You Based on Your Own Priorities & Needs

Discuss Your Priorities with Us
We will discuss what wishes, documents or assets you'd like loved ones to receive if you were not around.
We Set it All Up for You
We will organize, scan and upload your documents in encrypted vaults with designated recipients specifically based on your needs.
Feel That Peace of Mind
We will return your documents in a fireproof waterproof pouch for protection at home while giving you full control over your digital vaults.

Powerful Features Designed For Your Protection

Let's Setup Your Estate Plan 

Organize important documents in digital vaults accessible from anywhere. Designate when and who received your information. Protect your family with built-in estate planning wizards. Guaranteed delivery to your recipients as you direct. Enhanced encryption so that even we can't See it.
We will locate your recipients in the future if unreachable.

Let's Do Your Emergency Plan

Easy to find lifesaving health Information. List 2 individuals whom you trust and deem reachable in case of an emergency. List all your allergies and/or possible medicinal interactions. Note any medical device, attachments (such as a pacemaker), or any devices needed to stay with you. Upload a file such as health directive or any simple file with your wishes or instructions.

We'll Protect Your Financial Information

Make a list of all your assets like stocks or banking accounts, but also Insurance Policies and titles to homes or vehicles. It's easy to forget where some of these are. Ensure that family knows how to access the assets. That means that they know the company, website, account number, username, and password to access the assets. Protect Crypto Wallet passwords and allow access for select family members (optional) to avoid loss of funds.

We'll Even Setup Your Funeral Plan

Fill out provided Funeral Planning guide. Funeral Planning, financial documents, and legal paperwork can be overwhelming. The guide breaks the process down into manageable steps, making sure your family won't have to face unnecessary burdens during their time of grief. Organize everything in digital vaults accessible from anywhere. Designate when and who received your information. Guaranteed delivery to your recipients as you direct.

We'll Also Setup Recipients of Your Assets

You can choose to designate it recipients for each vault based on what kind of information you'd like for them to receive. We will set all that up for you!

Then, we'll send each recipient a keychain tag with barcode especially made for them, so they scan it and get access to information you designated for them to receive in the future if needed. Recipients can easily retrieve designated information by scanning a unique barcode from their tag or accessing it online with their passwords.

We Do Everything for You so You Are Prepared

​Your Ironclad Family Coach will be setting up your vaults with your important information and helping you designate who receives it and when.

  • Unlimited: Secure Encrypted Vaults with 2 designated recipients for each vault. Absolute freedom to choose what information to share with whom!
  • ​Guaranteed Delivery of any Vault Content to Anyone You Designate
  • We'll setup and notarize your Estate Documents
  • We'll Protect Your Financial Accounts
  • ​We'll Secure Cryptocurrency Wallet's Private Key
  • We'll ​Upload & Secure your Legal Documents
  • We'll ​Upload Personal & Business Information
  • ​We'll Upload Photos and Videos
  • ​We'll help you Add Instructions/Video Message for Special Wishes


What Our Customers Are Saying ...

"They Even Included Free Estate Planning Templates & Organized All Our Documents and Future Recipients ... Without Us Even Doing Anything!"
Jack & Amy W.
Pennsylvania, United States
"We didn't know where to start or what to do, but their planners uploaded everything and even helped us add our son & daughter to each vault as future recipients."
Cathy W.
California, United States

You Won't Have to Spend $3000, $5000 or $10,000 to Use This Concierge Do-It-For-Me Service

Limited Time Offer 20% Discount applied.
Other Payment Plan Options Available at Checkout
  • Lifetime Family Assets Protection ($1500)
  • Initial Setup & Upload by IronClad Family ($499)
  • Estate Planning Documents Included ($199)
  • Personalized Emergency Cards for 2 adults w/ option to link to HEALTH DIRECTIVE ($55)
  • End of Life Planning Documents ($99)
  • Up to 4 tags for recipient easy secure access to designated information to receive in the future.
  • We Will ​Deliver any Vault Content to Anyone You Designate (Priceless!)
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